• Warning: Spoilers
    Although Mr. Belvedere Goes To College does not quite reach the standards set by Sitting Pretty which introduced America's favorite genius to the screen, it's still a pretty funny film. If of course you can conceive the idea that Mr. Belvedere was self taught.

    People who advocate for home schooling should be the biggest advocates for this film. We find out here that all that Belvedere has learned in the many fields he's a genius at, was self taught. He never went to college, but now someone on some project he's engaged in wants that degree as part of his resume. So Clifton Webb as Belvedere agrees to go to college and get the degree. Furthermore he says to Paul Harvey the president and Taylor Holmes the dean that he will complete the school in one year. Can you imagine the amount of credits the man was carrying in a semester?

    Just like in Sitting Pretty when Maureen O'Hara thinks she's hiring a female housekeeper with Lynn Belvedere, Alan Young thinks it's a big old joke to send Webb over to a sorority house in the same function. But he proves to be quite indispensable to house mother Jessie Royce-Landis and cook Lotte Stein.

    Webb also gets to be cupid for widowed mother Shirley Temple and Tom Drake who is Royce-Landis's son. I have to say though the ending was silly and contrived. No matter what the circumstances, I can't see Mr. Belvedere being in such a rush that he would forget to put on his pants. One of the cops who arrests him is Jeff Chandler.

    Best scene for me in the film was Webb defeating Alan Young at the pole vault during a track meet, winning the meet for the freshman class and giving some comeuppance to Young. He also broke his own world record doing so.

    My only question is what field did Mr. Belvedere get his degree in when he graduated?