• A man called Grady suffers from multiple personality disorder.Is it schizophrenia,personality disorder or is he feigning to be an impostor?. Honestly,I found this movie quite interesting,the acting is wonderful,the atmosphere,the music is simply stunning.Concerning the story,it is almost new and not monotonous . Movie Synopsis: JASON DARCIE (Dylan Neal), tries to commit suicide and leaves a secret piece of information for his wife LARA DARCIE (Nicholle Tom), stating that the death of his little sister years ago wasn't really a coincidence or merely an accident of fate and destiny.He sadly wrote that he unconsciously may be responsible for this crime,but does not know how and why?.He even can not remember he had ever done any harm to his beloved sister.Mystery and suspense abruptly surges when his wife Lara feels curious to know about

    more about her husband's mysterious past and the unresolved secret that led him to commit suicide!. Lara goes back to the small town where Jason was raised. There,surprising she meets his weak senile father in a nursing home who has enough!. Jason's younger brother GRADY (Philip Riccio) struggles to solve the inexplicable confession in Justin's note. Unfortunately, Lara doesn't know that Grady suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder). Lara's investigation of the brothers' controversial childhood caused Grady to be aggressive, yet repressing his outrage. The shocking truth is that Grady wanted to keep the past and was ready to do anything to hide a certain secret. When Lara starts to reach the mysterious truth,she puts herself and her closest relatives to danger. Believing after some facts released that Grady's dual personality is in control Lara has got to do something to save herself and others from meeting the same destiny as Grady's sister.

    more Unexpected mysterious and shocking secrets are revealed in the end of this masterpiece EXCELLENT 10/10 movie.