• Over in Britain we are brain washed into assuming Americans eat nothing but junk food, but triple d with Guy Fieri is excellent, and shows us all the unknown gems which are good wholesome carefully prepared American independent food. Everything is freshly prepared, and such care taken by the people who make the meals, and what meals,I have never seen a burger made from minced sirloin steak, and all there own secret recipes, fresh produce too.

    I sit here in Britain writing this comment, realising just how much the public in the UK are ripped off,on DDD servings are generous and seem excellent value for money. Keep on making the series Guy, it makes my mouth water watching you try the different dishes, I am very envious of your job.I was thinking of a holiday in the USA, the usual sort of thing Disney etc, but I would love to travel and eat at some of the places you have visited Guy during your great series.