• Warning: Spoilers
    The main plot is about a woman police officer (Zhao Wei) undercover herself as pe teacher to catch drug trafficking but she never realized that she instead fall and made love with that drug trafficker (Nicholas Tse), she already had a fiancé. When Nic get caught and his whole were dead (father and mother whom were also drug trafficker) he wanted a revenge with his brother to kill her, her husband, and her newborn baby who is Nic's child. Finally her husband was dead and she and her son (little Xiong) escaped and hide themselves. Until 3 years then she met a new guy whom later on she left on afraid that he caught onto her past, however this guy found her and changed her mind to back in her hometown whereas her husband was dead. Nic and his brother found them, Zhao Wei killed Nic's brother and Nic kidnapped his own son without realizing that little xiong is his son and shot the guy but he was able to survive. When Nic contacted Zhao Wei regarding her son she confessed he was his son but he didn't believe it. At the end when Zhao Wei met Nic she realized that he killed him and she wanted him to kill her too so she was able to be with her son. He kept saying that he is not the child's father be she kept saying that he is her son's father, her subordinate who following Nic shot Nic on the head but he able to shot Zhao Wei make her die. The guy continued his journey and revealed that Zhao Wei is similar with Kwan Yin Goddess of Mercy.

    This story could have better written ending with Nic the only one died not his son or Zhao Wei should be die too. The movie is not that bad even though its showing China's villages and the life of the villager. I feel this movie is quite tragic and how drug could make somebody become insane even to kill a child. May be the hidden message of this movie is "Say No To Drug See How Drug Could Ruin Your Chance of Life". Sad but so real.