• The beginning of the movie is wonderful, the Victorian Christmas looked wonderful with it's sparkling frost.

    However, Disney took over the Dickens story - saying it's faithful because they lifted text from the book. The introductory flying camera view of London was lovely, with great music.

    After that, it's all tosh - scary moments punctuated with silly chases (the final ghost is postponed for ten minutes whilst Scrooge is inexplicably shrunk to a midget and slides around flat surfaces accelerating as if down a mountain).

    Jim Carey draws a fine line between humour and annoyance - and in this movie, playing a seriously scary ghost with his smug grin just failed miserably. Let's face it, nobody can love Carey more than he loves himself. Generally they didn't make too much of a mess of pretending to be English, but the ghosts came up with some seriously silly accents and it just wasn't English. Can't they afford good British actors? Or is it Disney's business to take good classic originals and spoil it by doing a 'fresh take'? Why can't they stick to writing their own stuff if they want to do that?

    In typical US Television style, (referring to the way the credits whizz up the screen at a rate that ensures you can't read them unless you record it and freeze frame) , they wrap up the HIGH point of the movie, after showing the depressing life he led, the missed opportunities, and the terrible horrors to come, they wrap it up in seconds by having him order a turkey, but the movie is too lazy to follow it through to the climax of the story. We never really saw a changed man, it was not at all plausible ...

    This scrooge looks as if he just ordered a few changes quickly before the end of the movie and it really fell flat.

    Trust me, I love Disney, I loved Polar Express, and I read Dickens - if you get this movie, turn it off after 15 minutes and have a happy memory...

    Better still, watch a better version. Black and white is nice - from 1950 I think it was with Albert Finney. Now there's a movie that will make you cry (not because you wasted the time to watch it!) Rubbish.