• Jerome "Doc" Christian (Gerry Parkes) rents a home from Fozzy's mom, only to find that the house has been taken over by the Muppets! Interestingly, Gerry Parkes also plays "Doc" in both "Boondock Saints" movies... coincidence? But, that is just an aside.

    This film is pretty much for anyone who grew up with the Muppets, which should be almost everyone. The regular Muppets are here, the Fraggles show up (briefly), the Sesame Street clan is here, and even the Muppet Babies are around for a moment. Few characters are left out. One missing is Telly, I guess, but that could be worse. And this is before the Elmo craze, so although Elmo appears, it is only in the background and it was tolerable.

    The better Mupper Christmas film, by far, is "Muppet Christmas Carol", but if you love them so much you need two movies, this would be Mupper film number two. (Jim Henson's Otter Jug Band Christmas is not even worth picking up.)