• Don't get me wrong, I have heard about it being critically acclaim by many critics and viewers, except I just don't accept it to be a classic.

    A movie about a troubling family where the mom is an unsuccessful real estate agent and the dad has problems with work and his relationship with his wife. Their only daughter is struggling to find the right boyfriend as well. The dad then decides to change his life style after encountering with a girl who is friends with his daughter. The plot get complicated when a military family moves into the neighborhood where the son is a drug addict and the dad is military strict.

    Parts of this movie was funny, I give it that much credit. However there were parts I found very hard to watch. The misunderstandings and the military dad were one of the reasons I don't consider this film a classic at all. Would I ever watch it again? No I wouldn't.

    This is one of those rent it before buying it type of movies. Cause it's a movie you might like or hate, it all depends on what you consider to be a classic.