• First glance this looks like another typical racing game. Right until you discover what it has to offer other than just racing. Modnation Racers is about a young racer name Tag who enters the most insane car race tournament ever with racers or all kinds gather together to compete to win 1st place. Each race track is either basic or really tricky to over come. Including border-less tracks and sharp turn corners.

    Along with a story this game has what separates it from other racing games out there is that you have the power to create your own car, racer, and track. As well as being able to race against people on the internet connection. Yes, things that sound too true be true for a racing game. If you think you play the best racing game think again when you start playing this game.

    The reason I bought this game is the option to create almost any kind of racer with unlimited choices for skin color, eyes, nose, mouth, hair, hair color, hats, helmets, etc. Along with numerous download-able characters from the PSN shop. So you can create you're own made up character or create a character straight from an anime, cartoon, video game, TV show, or movie.

    So if you are searching for a true racing game that won't disappoint or look like a rip off of another racing game, then Modnation racers is the game you're looking for.