• Barry Mahon must not have put enough money aside to make this movie cause the story of Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny is a lot shorter than it seems. It starts with the elves discovering that the reindeer are back at the north pole with out Santa or his sleigh. Santa is struck in Florida where his sleigh is suck in the sand and calls out to some local kids to help him out. So that way he can fulfill his duties in delivering presents.

    The story is rather odd for an independent film, plus it's unorganized story makes the 1959 Santa Claus film look like a classic. Cause there's no logic in this film at all. Like how the Sleigh doesn't look that heavy to get out of the sand which it just look like it's only a few inches in the sand. Plus Santa doesn't even do much in this film other than sitting in his sleigh all day as if he fears someone would vandalize it. And complaining that it's hot. The kids who try to help him out are like not resourceful. It makes getting a sleigh to move look like a job for the army.

    The thing that made this movie bad is when Santa tells the story of Thumbelina which has no relation to Christmas or the movie itself. In fact once he starts telling the story we immediately see Barry Mahon's Thumbelina entire movie within this one. Yes I'm serious they waisted three fourths of this movie with inserting a movie that was already made two years before! The Ice Cream Bunny's appearance and role ended up being poorly portray and the cameos of Huck & Tom made no since at all. Thus making this whole movie a complete joke rather than a holiday classic.

    I won't give any parts of this movie that would ruin it for those who are interested in seeing how bad it is. Believe me it's worse than "Santa Claus conquers the Martians" & "1959 Santa Claus" cause those two actually had direction. For this one it seems Barry Mahon couldn't make the story of Ice Cream Bunny and Santa Claus a long one when he decided to paste Thumbelina in the middle of the whole movie. Plus it was like a further attempt to promote Pirates World which appear briefly in the film. Which unfortunate for them the park was shut down by 1975 making this the last film appearance of the now phantom theme park. If you're looking for a movie worse than the 1959 Santa Claus, then this is it.

    Copies of this film are rare, so you're best chances of ever watching it would be the Rifftrax version which makes the film funnier than it already is. That's currently the only way to actually watch it if you can spare $9.99 to download it.