• Warning: Spoilers
    Inevitably, some pretentious hipster film critic will gush over this film.

    Hint: Don't fall for it.

    I left the theater grumbling, "This was the worst film I've seen in a long time".

    At some point the writer gets lost. Is it a ghost story? Is it about a woman breaking down after the death of her brother? Is it something else?

    A couple move into the country, into a house formerly occupied by the wife's brother. Blood stains on the ceiling and floor, along with plenty of photos of the young brother playing with guns leave nothing to the imagination. Brother is dead and gone, but the sister is still living in denial.

    She calls and texts his cell phone and clings and watches as lights flicker and interprets this as her brother coming back. Is the house haunted with the spirit of her dead brother?

    The plot keeps unfolding and there are a few spots of decent acting, but the abrupt random turns keep you wondering where the writer is going with all of this. Save your money and skip this one.