• Teenager slasher movie just got slashed...

    This movie had potential to be more than it turned out to be, especially with the background story that was there all lined up, but the ghost part of the movie sort of became background stuff when you learned who the killer was. And that was where the movie snapped in half.

    The story, briefly summarized, is about Mary Mattock (aka Mary Hatchet) who killed her parents, then institutionalized, raped and murdered a bunch of orderlies before she was killed herself. And now she is out seeking revenge on every night of her death, on Blood Night. Alright, enough said about the storyline, because it is a fairly average run-of-the-mill slasher movie actually.

    Not even Bill Moseley could keep this movie afloat, though it is always nice to see him in the roles he plays. However, the role in "Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet" was a bit tame and stereotypical. And he wasn't at his best here. The movie had some other fairly decent actors/actresses in it, but of course, no award-winning material here.

    There were some fairly good moments of thrills and suspense throughout the movie, and the special effects were adequate enough to make it worthwhile. But for gorehounds, the effects would be a bit tame. But for those with less need for blood and gore, I think you are served just enough mayhem throughout the movie.

    Given the average storyline of the movie, you pretty much know who will be killed, just a question of how. As for a girl nicknamed "Hatchet", she wasn't really living up to that title, because most killings were done with a pick axe.

    In overall, the movie is an adequate experience, but nothing new to be seen here that haven't been seen in other slasher movies already. The ending of the movie, well, I thought it was alright actually. "Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet" is the type of movie that you watch once, then never pick it up again.