• Warning: Spoilers
    It is remarkable sometimes, how much space can look like the prairies and desert of the American Midwest. But just add a few odd shaped buildings and drive around in dune buggies, and suddenly you're on another planet. Well, they just don't make these kind of low budget sci-fi flicks anymore. And it is a shame, because despite their faults, and bad effects, they got their own charm.

    Not much unlike a western, the bounty hunter Walker and the retired old "sheriff", the Colonel, must team up to stop the violent and extremely dangerous Grange to lead a prisoner rebellion off the planet.

    Bad props, bad effects, a overuse of explosives but good fun none the less. Simply put, it got good thoughtless action. And because of it is entertaining almost from the start. So, a lot of good fun. But to call it good would be a stretch.