• Warning: Spoilers
    Just like the infamous Confused Matthew I'm feeling confused about this movie. Why does it get so high of a score?

    I knew right from the start this movie was going to be an awful experience. I knew right from the start it had two ingredients that would kill this movie for me. Firstly it is based upon real event, and an interpretation of real events is always such a delight to witness. And secondly it was about a guy talking to himself for ninety five percent of the movie. To me even one of those two reagents is a no go.

    But alas I was in a way dragged in to see it, nothing I could do about it. And the reason I hated this movie so much wasn't because of the two constructs established, but a third I wasn't aware of before a movie ended. If it hadn't been for the third thing I wouldn't even waste my time on writing a review.

    And the third thing is: it tries to convey a wrong message, and does so poorly!

    There is a fundamental difference between being a loner and being an idiot. And our beloved protagonist played by Jim Franco is exactly both. But the funny thing is that the movie blames all his misfortunes not on him being an idiot, but rather on him being a loner.

    I am a cynical loner myself. You could argue about my level of intelligence, but in all of my individualism I would never go mountain or cave climbing alone, without telling my relatives my exact route, estimated times of arrival at each checkpoint, and bringing both a long- range mobile phone and GPS along with a massive amount of supplies with me.

    And that anti-hero of ours does neither of those things! And what does he blame it all on? Ooh, he's a lone hero, he doesn't need anyone. No, no, he's not stupid, he's just a loner. Ugh, what a load of bull.

    And the way they shove this idiotic notion in our faces is anything but subtle. That's why as I said earlier it tries to convey a wrong message poorly. That's about it when the movie becomes a total pile of steaming junk, culminating at the end. Else I could at least let them score a point for telling an idea, albeit a wrong one in a right way.

    This movie is nothing more than another piece of societal propaganda, preaching and forcing their morals and values on us, the individuals. But don't believe a word I say without proof. Watch it and judge for yourself, but approach it very carefully, as such movies are dangerous.