• this film is the first i saw from shokof without his usual artistic bend.simple story telling straight forward to the point with a compelling idea about a girl who has promised to her dying brother to go to Berlin, and find Hitler,s Grave and................. the film is powerful, because it is simply executed to stay as close to the story line as possible. you do not get out of the mood of the film and the performances are the best i have seen from shokof films except for extraordinary performance by Anthony Quinn in Seven Servants that in my opinion is a fable all to itself. Taies Farzan is beautiful, convincing and onto the dot. i have seen many Iranian films and know many actresses who do great job in playing their roles, but, this one is really tops the list. the great Vadim Glowna does a near perfect job in the role of the Rabbi, and almost all the rest do a better than good work in their roles, even when there are some obvious first time actors who fill in the gaps in between before we get to the next scene. shokof knows how to work with non actors as well as with those who know the business inside out. the daring, freedom preaching anti racism concept of the film is something one would probably except from the film as it is almost always a main principle of many of shokof films, but this one takes it to the core of the matter where he simply makes life worth living without existence of religions. it works even though he again battles against a major taboo (moslims and Jews) and so bluntly that it perhaps is his most tangible story to date. the Muslim girl meeting a Jewish boy is nothing new but see the film and you will find out why it is so courageously different. Hitler,s Grave is a movie i watched with delight, true feelings for pictures and was absolutely touched by its monumental ending. 10 out of 10 for this one.