• The word "pretentious" usually does not correspond to 1-day porn wonders, but this low camp effort nearly qualifies. I found it extremely tedious, even more-so than an all-sex snoozer.

    Main problem is James Mathers in the lead role as Rava, a guru-type cultist who gives the mumbo jumbo treatment to two couples whose relationships are on the rocks. This scraggly haired fakir, who comes off as a destitute man's version of Jamie Gillis, slows the film down to a halt and he rambles on incomprehensibly in true '60s fashion.

    His trusty assistant Igor is none other than George "Buck" Flower, credited on screen as "Igor" playing himself (not with himself, as himself). If Steve Buscemi is the emblem of the so-called "independent film" movement of recent decades, Flower filled the same niche back in the days of Flower Power. His ham-bone performance here fortunately does not include any sex action, though he did stoop to joining in XXX hijinks in SATANS LUST. Buck's delivery sounds like an audition for the role of Lennie in OF MICE AND MEN.

    One couple is Rick Cassidy and Cyndee Summers, always an excellent team, and Cyndee is attractively styled and delivers plenty of arousing footage here. Nina Fause is a beautiful blonde, whose unidentified partner is a drag.

    Film is poorly made with very cheap sets and a strange reliance on dialog (mainly the guru's nonstop boring patter). Sound track ranges from Mozart to a completely inappropriate pirating of Roberta Flack warbling her hit "If Ever I Saw Your Face" as Cyndee & Rick do the dirty. Both Rick and the guru deliver money shots on cue, but Fause's better half is a no-show, his fake ejaculations of the girl's mouth-running-over with pina colada mix variety.

    A predictable "twist" ending is not worth waiting for.