• Warning: Spoilers
    I love that the notion of a non-monogamist man and a fully monogamist man decide to make it work. They do love each other and, I trust, they continue to set boundaries and grow from this. There are very complicated and "gray" feelings that can come up between people. Often, I have seen first-hand such a couple go through life completely fooling themselves. In this film, the writer bravely shows us a couple who recognize infidelity and decide to trudge ahead. That is very honest. I've seen reviews here where some feel our main character is copping-out in some way. I think he's really willing to accept his man without any false hopes that he'll change in the future. One can go through life waiting for Mr. Right who can do No Wrong. One can wait an eternity and never meet anyone in that process. Life is short, love who you love and accept who they are. Our main character should be confident enough to realize that, although his partner may have quick sex with someone else at any point, it's ultimately meaningless. He may also change since this could be his first truly meaningful love. Most people get really selfish in relationships and refuse to share...but it often happens without them knowing it. It happens to many people gay and straight. This couple is fully up front with that from the start and I find that very brave. It may not be one persons idea of a true, loving relationship but it will be for someone else. A couple ultimately decides what is allowed in their relationship and there is no set template in society that should decide that for them. What is considered wrong for some people and what is considered right is really nobody else's business but the two men involved in this relationship. I found the acting by the two lead men very credible. Ronnie Kerr has long been a favorite of mine and Scott Gabelein (resembling a young Dennis Quaid) is very good as well. I was quite surprised at the main character took the route he did, but I don't blame him one bit. I'm glad he chose to experience this situation at least once. It may work or it may not - but at least they both are trying.