• I watched this show only because of Matthew perry. He is really talented. and spontaneous. we can see a bit of chandler in his new character Ben. May be its because Matthew is a bit like chandler, so he cant get it out.

    The pilot is good, but its like I have seen an entire season in just one episode. The characters, the story goes so fast, its like they are making an half-hour movie. So many things had happened in just one episode. Ben gets dumped, Roman meets his mother after a long time, Ben realizes that he is insecure and needs a commitment,... oh my god, its like going in a train, the trees disappear very fast and the journey is coming to an end. Mathew has to slow the story, so that people will get time to know the characters, connect with them and gradually enjoy the show.

    Overall, its really nice to see Perry back and the show has a lot of potential. May be as the time grows, perry will grow in confidence and rock the show, like he did in Friends. ATB