• Warning: Spoilers
    As a child of the 60's,who grew up in the 70's(born in 66),this film took me back to my childhood. As a lifetime sasquatch enthusiast,these movies were the rage back in the day. Legend of Boggy Creek,Sasquatch:The Legend of Bigfoot,Curse of Bigfoot and many others,along with several quality documentaries on the subject,sparked interest to many youngsters back in the day and many of us still are fascinated by these films and the subject itself. As for the film,it is a low grade B flick but you can see that they at least gave a good effort. I thoroughly enjoyed the film,real snow,real cold and some very good casting for a low budget flick make this film a camp classic,a real gem to those who like these types of movies. Make a nice pot of coffee,kick back and watch this flick at about 3am on a cold winter night..it fits to a tee. Well,say what you want about Rebane but he made some decent films on a shoestring budget. Low budget films force the producers and directors to use their creativity and that is long lost on todays directors who just throw silly CGI scenes in and forget about what makes a movie good. This little gem is OK by me. If you like 60's and 70's low budget films or if you just grew up in the 70's and remember the Bigfoot craze,then you will enjoy this one as it will take you back to better times. Ignore the bad reviews,as they are written by people who don't know how to enjoy this type of movie.