• Warning: Spoilers
    Awful! I was mislead by the title of this movie. They use the name of Thor to sell it and it just doesn't match up to the expectations of a Norse war God. Doesn't qualify as an adventure movie, nor as a horror movie. More like low-budget fantasy. The acting is poor. The actor who plays Thor is not convincing at all.

    The warrior costumes look like the ones you can buy for Halloween. The film starts out of nowhere and the plot line is weak, oh how weak. The fighting scenes are dull, the werewolves look like rabid dogs wearing trousers. Special effects are as good as in the 80's

    ++++++++++++++ Spoilers ++++++++++++++++++++ Well if you really care to watch this, these are spoilers below.

    The scene where Baldur cuts off the rope bridge is just lame. When Thor throws two spears at the two werewolves, the second spear slows down in the air before hitting the wolf. Very bad editing. The special 'defect' of the wolf-woman shape-shifting back into woman is ridiculous! And the end is so predictable.

    In a nutshell, don't waste your time.