• Warning: Spoilers
    With a hilarious opening and promise, unfortunately Shut Up & Kiss Me went south fast…in regards to quality.

    My guess was $10,000 budget, and I thought was being generous. In reality, I was thinking $5,000. It turns out it was $15,000 and it shows in the After-School sets, exterior shots and fake-café/gym scenes. I'm putting that all aside – as, kudos to them to making an independent movie. Let's see if the heart was there.

    Yeah, for the most part. These aren't professional actors. Obviously. Did they give it their all? Absolutely. They believed in the product. And the lead (and writer) Ronnie Kerr, who plays Ben, was actually not only good, but at times, sweet and funny. Does he have a while to go to go beyond porn-star-status? (More later…on the porn part, that is.) I hope.

    Ben's looking for love. He tries video dating…internet dating…and friend setting him up dating. Only stalking will help him come out of his shell. End justifies the means…take it for what it's worth, but he meets jogger Grey (Gabelein) and they strike it off. Only, Grey states up front: he's not a one-man man.

    Get used to him reminding everyone, especially the audience, that he said that up front…

    Anyways, he proves it, at least twice and you'll wonder if this will damper the relationship. Well, watch the incredibly short 78-minute feature to find out.

    Despite the extreme low production value, I liked the feature. Kerr had me rolling in scenes, as did other characters, namely his best-straight/stereotyped-buddy and business partner, Vinnie (Russo). And believe it, the opening was a great shot. Original, funny and looked like it was set to take this feature to the stars. Unfortunately, it didn't, but the rest was worth a shot. Even if you don't agree with the end "message."

    On a side note: there is gratuitous full-frontal male nudity, for roughly twenty seconds during a sex scene. Kerr seems to be some kind of body-builder, and the first reaction when I "saw him" was: "Well, I guess he doesn't use steroids."

    Side Note II: I can't believe how much I had in common with the character of Ben. It was uncanny. Now, before you judge…I wouldn't agree AT ALL with his final decision and before you think I'm a "stalker"…fail to interest me, and you have nothing to worry about. :-)