• The Vader Clan has appeared and the only ones who can stop them is the Denjiman team. A team of young people chosen by a robot dog named IC. They're given rings to summon their suits in order to fight as Denjiman with helmets that have all sorts of mechanisms. Everything they need to take out the monsters sent by the Vader Clan that's being ruled by Queen Hedrian.

    Like the predecessor, this was produced by Marvel except none of the characters have any connections with any Marvel characters. Like how Miss America was a Sentai version of the Original Miss America. So in other words it's just a regular Sentai series with Marvel stamped on it's credits. The best thing about this Sentai series is it was the first Sentai series to feature the late Machiko Soga who would later be known as Bandora of the fan favorite Zyuranger(Rita Repulsa to Power Ranger fans). So overall it has some good moments and a good cast of actors to please an average Sentai fan.