• Like the previous one, except less weird. But that doesn't mean it's any better to watch. Now how should I start this off. Let's start with the story.

    Starts off similar like the other one except the mice are introduced later. Instead you meet a huge cast of characters who are all about to be passengers of the Titanic. This includes humans and animal passengers a like. Along with cliché scenes we've already seen from the Cameron Titanic and way too many subplots with a whole bunch of characters that had little appeal for any type of viewer. Sure we still get to see the ship sink except that didn't save the story as we see less casualties than the Cameron version.

    I don't know why the Italians tried to make another Titanic Cartoon film. Cause this one has a larger reputation of being all time worst animated movie than it's predecessor. I'm really curious to know what the director think of this film, cause I would totally laugh if he implied that this was going to be a hit. Unfortunately I don't know if any interview exists or not. So all I could do is speculate what went on in the staff member's heads.

    Let's talk about the animation, the animation was worst in this one cause compared to the one from 2 years ago. This one looked like it was made in the early 80s rather than the early 2000s. It's like they decided to downgrade the animation to make it cheaper to make. Whatever the case the film is just not eye candy like the previous film.

    Now for the characters, all I can say is low originality. Cause all they did was copy already existing characters and put them in the film. You not only get two characters looking like the couple from Titanic, you also get characters from Don Bluth, Disney, & Warner Bros. It's been 10 years since this movie was made and I wonder if this film ever got sued by Cameron, Disney, Bluth, or Warner Bros. cause I doubt they got permission to use their characters likeness for this film. Then again it proves you can get away with copyrighted characters in other countries as long as they don't use the copyrighted names. Like what you find in certain anime.

    Let's talk about the script, I doubt the writers put any effort into this film cause you see a lot of unnecessary flashbacks and way too many subplots for an animated film. I was laughing at how unorganized the whole film was, not from the lame jokes it had, but from how the characters had really ignorant lines. Plus the animals really got in the way of the story itself.

    Conclusion, I would have to agree with the Nostalgic Critic on this movie. Cause it was a complete insult to the Titanic incident and the ending was so fluffy it would make people think the incident wasn't that bad at all. Historians and teachers will have a field day with this movie. Fans of Cameron's Titanic will be ashame of it. Animation fans of all kind will hate it to death. In fact the only way to enjoy this film is make fun of it as much as possible.

    The only accomplishment the writers made for this film is that they prove you can't make an animated movie out of the Titanic incident or make it family friendly. Was this worse than "The Legend of Titanic", that's pretty hard to say cause they both even out on worst animated film of all time.

    If you like to watch it, be my guest cause my only advice is be prepared to laugh to death.