• Warning: Spoilers
    The single point is simply because its based on a true story and for the courage of the man who endured it. The movie portrays the character in a very bad light, from being stupid to arrogant to crazy. 1) He is never in pain. From the fall to the rescue, there's no display of pain at all, just self loathing. 2) The character is extremely arrogant. Humoring his situation and not once feeling the need to cry out to a higher power which in most cases I'm sure most people would do. Maybe he wanted to be politically correct. 3) He has episodes of sexual arousal, I kid you not. He even plays a video and tries to masturbate. 4) Very poor stoy telling. In fact there is no story. Everything tries to stand on the one fact that he is stuck at the canyon. So the reason for all the high points ? Maybe these are all Danny Boyle fans, who won't let him down, no matter what.