• Warning: Spoilers
    Force is the subject of Richie's, Nonne's and Paule's life. They all practice the sport parkour, where they train to overcome obstacles in the most efficient way, only employing their bodies. A high scale of concentration and equilibrium of body and mind is necessary for the successful performance. This equilibrium gets disturbed when Richie begins developing a jealous attitude towards his girlfriend Hannah and her aim to better her position in life. Slowly but distinctively this jealousy grows pathological and alienates him from his friends, to what degree is only revealed at the end of the movie, when it becomes obvious that Richie needs medical treatment. Yet he and his friends face their athletic masterpiece at the end of the movie. Nonne and Paule succeed but Richie's body and physical health have been wrecked by his pathological state and the medication The movie has an open end, though there are hints that Richie at least has overcome his morbid jealousy. Truly a great physical and emotional effort by the young cast, especially by Christoph Letkowski,whose calm and controlled yet forceful performance very convincingly portrays Richie's drifting away into a split personality. Ingeniously Rensing avoids all showing off of actual physical violence directed against other beings or oneself, though he definitely highlights the consequences.