• Warning: Spoilers
    I actually love the show. It's humorous and the episodes are very cute. Every actor brings something special to their character. The friendships and relationships are great. I'd like to watch them when they first come on, but I always miss them. This is a great series, and I like how each episode has it's own fair share of problems. Please keep up the great work! I read somewhere I think that this was canceled. Is it true? I really hope not. Please, please, please keep this show going. My favorite character is Vance- his personality is hilarious. Him and Dave are the perfect friends; the sixth episode was my favorite, where it showed the flashback of their past "break-ups". Vance: You know how I'm allergic to peanuts? Well I just ate a whole bunch. Dave: I'm on my way! (Vance hangs up and smiles triumphantly, chugging a can of peanuts.) Please keep up the good work and continue this series. :)