• Warning: Spoilers
    I originally watched this show out of boredom. I have to say I did not find it boring and am now hooked. I thought I would have a problem with it because I watch Big Love on HBO and am constantly screaming at Barb to get out. I didn't feel that way with this show to my surprise.

    Most people are in an uproar because it is illegal and they feel that morally and religiously it is wrong. Yet television is constantly jamming down our throats such shows as "The Family Guy" and "Modern Family" saying this is the norm.

    If we are to look at the moral part of the Brown family, I do not think they are doing anything wrong. Kody is not cheating in his marriage as so many men (and women) do. Maybe he and his wives chose Polygamy because they would find it hard to be in a monogamous relationship. If we can be open minded regarding same sex marriage than why not this? Should we be judgmental because it is something we wouldn't do? Which now brings us to the religious part. In some religions having one husband and multiple wives is okay. In the Old Testament there are marriages that were like this. Yet many religions frown upon same sex marriage. As for being judgmental, most religions teach us to be loving and accepting of others. Now as for the illegal part, I am not sure why it is illegal. Kody is only legally married to one wife. Religiously he is married to four (Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robin). How can it be illegal if he is only legally married to one. If we say their lifestyle is illegal, than anyone who is married and has lovers on the side is committing a crime. Since Kody is only married to Meri in the eyes of the state of Utah than he is not committing a crime. I do not think he is committing Bigamy since he didn't officially marry more than one woman. I am not 100% sure but I think you commit Bigamy by having multiple marriages listed with a state or states. Also, there are no child brides in this marriage...which is wrong on so many levels.

    I personally think the Browns are a loving and caring family. The children are raised in a home with people that not only love them but allow them to choose their own lifestyle. They are raised to be caring and accepting of others. With so many children being raised in broken homes, abusive homes, or foster homes, I am so glad to see the Brown children being loved.

    I know it is not what we call normal, but look back in history at all the things that were not normal at one time or another but now are! If we think that he should be punished for this, I'm afraid we wii digress instead of progress.

    Live life, love others, thank God!