• The plot of this movie has been done countless times in Asian dramas, two girls falling for the same guy. The direction can be sort of cartoony at times and over ridiculous for this type of movie, but something about it still makes the movie worthwhile to watch. It's one of those movies that your just going to have to go with in order to enjoy it. The story first starts out with lies leading to bigger lies and so forth, but that is just the surface of it all. Watching this was sort of like watching a Asian drama except instead of taking up few episodes this sums up the story in one movie. Some of the flaws is how it makes one of the character more likable between the two. If it made both characters likable than it would have been more interesting to watch. But this direction where it shows the different side of each characters was done in a pretty good manner and still engaging, so it's sort of passable. Yeah so the set up is ridiculous and not that believable, but than again most Asian dramas are like that. Some parts seem to drag on a bit, although very few. Also since there wasn't enough development between characters it would have been better if it elevated the relationships. And so it can give more of a reason behind the final decision of the male protagonist in the end. It didn't even show his final decision clearly, even if he isn't the main part of the story some of the audiences probably want to know his final decision after sitting through one of the focus of this film. Another thing I didn't like was the lead actor the guy that has two girls falling for him, something about him I found really annoying and irritating to watch. And no it's not because two girls were falling for him, it's just the actor. And it wasn't just his performance either, maybe he reminded me of someone I know in real life. All the main actor does in this movie is act all dull and tedious and make a awkward shock face occasionally. But he was a annoying character in this, but I guess it had to have someone that is gullible which is fine but he was just irritating and so boring to watch. It just would have been nice if he had some likable attributes or show attributes of why these girls would fall for him, plus it would make the movie somewhat believable. Well at least he wasn't a over cocky character which would have been way worse. The movie runs about 2 hours and it would have made the movie better if it had more development so it can answer the question why. Being fast paced is sometimes good and all, but it's difficult to buy into the chemistry between the characters because of lack of development. Despite some of the flaws besides the main actor in this movie, it had enough of it's moments to make it to around the 6 range. Especially the part where Yu Aoi does ballet which was the main highlight for me, I don't like watching ballet but that scene was nice.