• I used to really like this show as a kid. It was removed from Nicktoons Network in 2008, but i recently found episodes on youtube, been watching them a lot. And now, i now know how to critique things on different things, and i would like to do it here.

    Tension- This show definitely knows how to develop tension. The dialogue and the music that plays during the scene where its building up make the pay offs very effective. There are many episodes that scare the c--p out of you. Return of the Dark Druid is a prime example.

    Storyline- This show has quite a bit of story lines that are very interesting. Paranormal, extraterrestrial, and mysteries lie within and you want to know what is going on.

    Characters- There are many characters in this show, each and everyone are very likable and have their own personality, and you definitely feel for them.

    Humor- The show is on and off when it comes to its humor. Most of it is kinda cheesy and falls flat. 90% of it is between Martin and Diana. Martin torments Diana and her reaction is sometimes priceless, others are unfunny

    Music- The music fits everything, sometimes i don't really pay attention to the music, but this time, its effective and sometimes beautiful.

    There are other points i didn't get to, but it sums