• I saw this film on a whim. I had no real knowledge of what the film was about. All I knew was that Garner and Field were in it, and they were known to put their names to some fine work. So, when it aired on HBO I took a chance on it, and I was very delighted with what I saw.

    This is old fashioned film making with lots of heart and a decent cast and crew. You can tell. The shots are professional, and not over done. There are few overstated moments, and the story moves along at a nice pace.

    This film comes from a time when Hollywood didn't have to placate to the aging boys of America by throwing in lots of foul language, nudity, obvious and strong sexual references and body function jokes. All the adult humor is there, but it's placed in a more respectable and grown up perspective.

    The acting is solid. The location perfect, and the characters are right on the mark. In other words, it's a fine little film. A small film with some big names to tell a very endearing tale of tried and true feelings that everyone feels. A reminder to all about what life is all about.

    I guess the best clue I can give is this; it's like my cousin says, after a while age is just a number.