• Warning: Spoilers
    Here we have the final movie in Universal's Mummy series. You don't really need to describe the plot because I think it is pretty much the same in every one of these Mummy films. Mummy meets girl. Mummy and girl fall in love, violating the laws of Amon-Ra in the process. Mummy and girl are cursed and buried for thousands of years. Mummy is woken up by rude explorers. Mummy kills explorers. Mummy tries to reunite with girl, who is now a pile of moldy rags.

    MUMMY'S CURSE finds our happy mummy couple mysteriously unearthed in the bayous of Louisiana. Ananka, in a pretty effective scene, rises from the mud and stumbles to a small town, where she is befriended by the locals. Kharis finally drags himself free of the mud but he's still in moldy Mummy form. When he eventually catches up with Ananka, she realizes that a future with Kharis, sealed in a dusty Egyptian tomb, chasing around his little mummy brats, just isn't for her anymore. There are some problems with another meddling high priest and yadda yadda yadda Kharis ends up bringing down the house...right on his own head.

    Lon Chaney does a great job as Kharis. He actually manages to convey some emotion through the make-up, and there are a few times when the mummy is portrayed as a relentless, unstoppable juggernaut of destruction. There is a tiny bit of humor and more suspense than I was expecting .

    There is nothing classic about these movies, they were made quickly and cheaply and it shows. But they give you what all b movies should: an hour or so of decent, escapist entertainment.