• I would also like to describe it as creepy since the narration that's suppose to be from the girl of this film can really get on your nerves. All the story is that a girl prepares in washing her hands, comb her hair, eat breakfast and go to school with her cat in a cat carrier. She even expresses how her cat cleans like hers. And that's all there is to this film, is just some girl bragging about her cat's cleanliness. It tries too hard to be cute, but it doesn't appeal to me one bit. Cause too much cuteness make me feel uneasy. Plus I doubt no kid would sit through this lousy short.

    The only way to watch it is off of Rifftrax's website for 99 cents. Where Mike, Bill, & Kevin made it a little more funny. I give their version a 7 out of 10, while this film a 2 out of 10.