• This is basically a film they made to point out the trouble about male workers have on female workers. Particularly this has to do with a male worker complaining to his boss that their company doesn't need another female employee in their work force. He gives out reasons like the habits, conditions, and situations that go about on the women that work at the company. And at the end the guy was told by his boss, he needs to learn to accept the new employee regardless of what gender that person is. After the short ends, it's suppose to make those who watch it discuss what could of been done for the guy to work out his problem.

    The only way I was able to see this short was off of Rifftrax which has the short for 99 cents. I also found it really humorous with Mike, Kevin, & Bill making fun of the engineer company and the employee who has issues towards women being employees of his company.

    The only cool thing about this short is it features the same actress who played Mike Teevee's mom in the original Wonka film. This is also her first acting role as well. Other than that this short fails to make a point and is best made fun of from Rifftrax.