• There are some shows that are funny to some and offensively unfunny to others (see CBS Monday Night) but Perfect Couples is so unimaginably unwatchable I find it impossible to believe that any positive reviews for it are not employees of NBC or their relatives.

    The dialogue is so uninspired, poorly written, and monotonously acted it's hard to believe that it is intended to be a comedy at all. Plots are of the most intellectually insulting variety imaginable; characters are so childish and inconsistent it seems as though the show wasn't written, but improvised by people who have never been on a stage or screen before.

    Unlike many who have reviewed this show, I don't lay the blame at the actors, Olivia Munn in particular. No cast that has ever existed could salvage this god awful experiment as its mediocrity flagrantly insults Community and The Office, in what must be the luckiest and most undeserved time slot in TV history.

    In short, if you like this show, you hate comedy.