• Personally, as a writer, I view reality TV is mostly trash for cash. It needs to serve a purpose to warrant watching it. A helpful purpose. Other than Animal Planet channel, most channels do not offer a "helpful" reality show.

    This show does that. Pit bulls have gotten a bad rap. As a shar pei owner, I've seen people are often afraid and think the dogs are vicious. Only if they are mistreated. Eventually some of the dogs are adopted. It's not an easy job.

    I am giving Tia Torres a 10 for running the dog shelter Villa Lobos. One episode she visits New Orleans and rescues several of the abandoned dogs there. Also, thanks to the financial meltdown/foreclosure crisis in 2008, there are a lot of homeless dogs in need of help, people have lost their homes all across the U.S.

    At Villa Lobos, the dogs are maintained by parolees who help clean, walk the dogs, and maybe learn to like a dog in the process too.

    It is sad that in 2011 dog abuse and pit fighting still happens. This show has good factors to it in that it gives the dogs a second chance, most would be unadaptable or sent to a kill shelter, where the dogs are usually only kept for 2 weeks before euthanasia.

    Thanks to producers of a productive show like this, which maybe helps some of the parolees, and the dogs. That's not so for 99 percent of the other reality contests, and celebrity rehabs (yawn). Hope to see some rehabilitative animal shelter shows, and less celebrity trash for cash sensationalism in the future. Eventually, people tire of the same old thing.