• What a shame.

    Matthew Perry, one of television's much loved patrons, has tried - and failed. After the never-ending but thoroughly enjoyable saga that was Friends and the brilliant but short lived Studio 60, Perry's next move appears not quite as astute.

    I'm not sure whether he saw Aaron Sorkin and foolishly thought 'I could do that', or that he listened to too many 'yes-men' who just couldn't build up the courage to tell him that this show's a non-starter. Either way, this show is nothing short of amateurish.

    The jokes are forced onto the cast like an ill-fitting shoe and the characters themselves have the dimension equivalent of paper. I could find no source of originality, humour or competence in the writing and I felt no compassion or even likability whatsoever for any of the characters. It's just all a little...bad!! As for Alison (CJ Cregg) Janney - WHY?!? Big fan of Perry, but I find myself really hoping this show does not get renewed!