• For there to be a sequel to a Titanic movie that's even worse than Titanic the Animated Movie is really low even for a European cartoon. This makes "The Legend of Titanic" more bearable to watch and that's bad if the writer made something that's even worse.

    How to start, well if you don't know this is a sequel to "The Legend of Titanic" which is the one with the giant Octopus. Which makes the other one with the Rapping Dog look like a better movie. And of course they brought back the main characters from the first one. For some reason they wanted to revisit the Titanic which is at the bottom of the Atlanic. While the Prisoner Sharks who actually plotted the sinking of the Titanic in the last one tried to kill off these characters by cutting the life support line of their submarine. After that we see Tentacles the giant octopus the same one who caused the Titanic to sink and ended up saving everyone to redeem himself. He goes to help our friends along with some help. This is when the sequel starts to become unbearable. A group of Atlanteans who take our main characters to Atlantis! And the rest of the movie is just painful to watch.

    For Italian animators to mock the Titanic disaster even more is really low and shameful. This not only has the same boring characters it also introduces new characters where you'd have to be on drugs to come up with off beat characters like those. The animation is OK, but the CG effects looked unfinished and unprofessional. The colors and backgrounds feel like something out of a coloring book. And there's plenty of plot holes and errors to notice throughout the movie.

    I don't know why the Italians kept mocking the Titanic, but to make three movies about it is just an abomination. I've yet to find an Italian cartoon movie that is great. But so far these Titanic movies are the only ones and they are so far the worse Italian animated films I've ever watched.