• "Star Wars", is one of the greatest franchises ever made. The movie did a great job at the box-office and a cult-following was made. But then George Lucas continued the Star Wars saga with a computer-animated film released in 2008. Boy, did fans hate it.

    The movie was bad. But it's not an awful movie. The thing's I liked about the movie was that the animation was pretty good, the voice acting was good because it had Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Lee, and Anthony Daniels returning as there characters. The film also has some good action scene's.

    What make's this film bad is that the story was lame, the film feel's like a T.V. special (The film actually spawned an animated series by the same name with the same actors, animation, etc.), and I didn't care too much for Anakin's sidekick, Ahsoka.

    "The Clone Wars", will entertain kids, but it won't entertain fans because they will REALLY hate the movie. Just like how they hated the prequel trilogy.