• Warning: Spoilers
    Tip-Top Nightclub owners and former legionnaires Tony (Pierre Vaneck) and his pal Dick (Roger Hanin) are in desperate need of cash to pay off a $75,000 note to mobster Le Maltais. At the end of their rope, they're approached by Pepere (the former owner of their club) who offers them a solution to their problem if they will help him heist half a million in gold from a local smuggler. At issue is that the mark is the father of Tony's girlfriend Bridgitte (Mijanou Bardot, BB's younger and just as hot sister). Of course, the boys will need a little more convincing and we come to understand that Pepere's offer was only part of an elaborate setup a la ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW. In fact, some parts of this movie seem to have been lifted whole by director Robert Wise for his film a year later. Do I have to say that the plan goes horribly wrong? M