• No nudity. OK a bit of skin, nothing in my book. People playing out of their element. Boring trailer. I have absolutely no expectation that this movie is going to be good. But I was surprised not only by the acting, but the somewhat realism of the situation.

    The movie should pace itself better and give transition to the leading roles better. Particularly the girls, Soprano man cant do no wrong in my book now. I love Mell Leo, I am officially a fan now. Stewart needs to learn method, it just shows that she is somewhat overworked in the years and possibly the next few years, but it is a great movie to showcase her scale of performance. Should and definitely could do better. The direction is marvelous, reminds me a bit of the old porn movie about a man searching for his daughter in the underground world, or was it a priest of somekind, well I forgot.

    I hope for a better music, but what do you expect from a low budget movie, right? In the end I love the videotakes, expect nothing less from the actors involved, artistry is well in concern also. Dialogue is quite good, weirdly. Not too much forced profanity and not too less to make it less believable. I hope the best for all involved. Hopefully they can make better movie in new Orleans.