• Director Peter Hymans who also created other classic flicks, Sudden Death 1995, End of Days 1999 and Time Cop 1994 has created another gem in Narrow Margin.

    Starring Gene Hackman who has also been other classic flicks, Bonnie and Clyde 1967, Marooned 1969, The Quick and the Dead 1995, Crimson Tide 1995, The Hunting Party 1971 and Behind Enemy Lines 2001.

    Also starring Anne Archer who has also been in other classic flicks, Felon 2008, Clear and Present Danger 1994, Short Cuts 1993 and Fatal Attraction 1987.

    I enjoyed the shoot outs, chase scenes and the scenery.

    If you enjoyed this as much as I did then check out other classic train flicks, Runaway Train 1985, Taking of Phelham 123 1974, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory 1995, Snowpiercer 2013, Unstoppable 2010, The Midnight Meat Train 2008, Train to Busan 2016, Train 2008, The Commuter 2018 and The End of the Line 2007.