• Nelvana, has been known for producing a lot of animated series such as, "6teen" and "My Dad the Rock Star". But back in 1983, they made an animated film that went on to become a cult-classic. That film was, "Rock and Rule".

    The story is about when a nuclear war started and the only species left were: Dog's, Cat's, and Rat's. One of the members in a band named, Angel, get's kidnapped by a ruthless rock star named, Mok. The rest of Angel's band follow Mok and try to get Angel back.

    Pros: The animation was really great. It has a nice post-apocalyptic feel to it. The music in the movie was also great and it features Cheap Trick, Lou Reed, and Iggy Pop. The story was pretty good.

    Con's: The character, Omar, was bland and boring.

    Overall, "Rock and Rule", is a great animated film with cool music. If you like, "Heavy Metal", you will like, "Rock and Rule".