• I've seen a couple of these movies made from Turkey, and I think this was one of the better ones to watch from the country. A lot of the other ones are either copies of already existing properties or really low budget production. This one I think is low budget, but they knew what they were making cause the story is about this office dullard who assumes he has 6 months to live so he changes his employee status at work and risks his life by carrying around a time bomb and play Russian Roulette.

    I only watch this in Turkish with no subtitles so I had no idea what all the characters were saying. I only understood most of what is happening. The weirdest parts would have to be the main character urinating in that one guy's potted plant. And the grand opening of a public restroom where over 30 men were eager to use the new urinals and all got in line to use them.

    I apologize for this sounding weird, but if I knew a little Turkish, I'd be less confused by this film. If you're looking for a good film from Turkey, then this one is one of the best ones from the country.