• There are chick flicks, family flicks and guy flicks; and so there should be. No prizes for guessing which category this one falls into.

    My favourite action movie is 'Die Hard' (the original, not the pumped up sequels), but I don't mind telling you: this one ain't far behind. There are cars, guns, chases and foul language, and you can cut the testosterone with a spade. Exactly the way it should be. And some of the funniest dialogue you'll ever hear.

    Bruce Willis was made for this kind of movie, and his shambolic, wise-cracking Joe Hallenbeck is easily his best creation since John McClane. Damon Wayans, who I don't normally like, is also surprisingly good as the sidekick; and Danielle Harris must have been the envy of the 8th grade when she made this. What a script to give to a 13-year old kid!

    You want culture: go see 'Amadeus'. You want thrills and fun and laughter: leave the critical faculties at home and go see this. I wish there were more like it.