• I tried - having lived in Bangkok I thought this might be fun. The film was also made in Bangkok... but it seems not one single Thai would appear in the movie. Quite a few people got up and left the theatre before half time, and I only sat through it because someone was coming to meet me outside at the end... and I thought there must at least be one or two good moments worth waiting for...

    I'm a fan of bad movies, but this one couldn't raise a single chuckle. I'm curious - if they make a version based in Paris will they include Big Ben? It seems they do just about everything they can to mess this movie up, and we can only wait for Hangover 3 to see if they could actually manage to mess it up any more than they did.

    Things that were funny in the first movie are done again - but second time around you juz think 'not that again!'.

    It's a real tribute to American culture that this movie could ever raise more than 1 to 2 stars... I can only imagine that people who hated it didn't watch enough to bother writing a review.