• Warning: Spoilers
    I give this credit for being unusual, but that did not make it interesting for me. It is in grainy black and white and is a montage of Winnipeg scenes inter-cut with scenes of some half-asleep guy on a train spouting barely coherent sentences. This Kerouac wannabe got on my nerves. The train keeps moving and the guy keeps saying how he wants to leave Winnipeg, but the train never escapes the city. Maybe that is the message? The guy wants to leave, but he is so attached, or trapped by his past, that he can't get himself out?

    I was fine with the general theme of having a love-hate relationship with your home town and regretting that many of the things you were fond of are paved over, torn down, or moribund. However, I had a hard time identifying with the tale told here. For example, there is an extended sequence that pays homage to hockey stars of the past that, if you have no interest in hockey as I, is less than interesting. I missed the point of having words intermittently flashed on the screen for a split second that simply echoed some of the narrated words.

    I used to attend a series called "Experimental Cinema." I found most of the movies I saw in that series as failed attempts at art films. I would put this movie in that category. Not to say that it's a complete loss--the horses frozen in the river with their heads protruding above the ice is a scene one is not likely to forget. You don't know whether to laugh, cry, or wonder if it is even for real.

    I think this movie gets a high rating since most of those who are inclined to see it are probably inclined to like it.