• Warning: Spoilers
    If "Assassination In Rome" feels a bit slow at times, and it does, it's probably because it places value in the now often considered old-fashioned principle of plot progression: it is a step-by-step investigation which probably grows more complex than you'd expect and leads to a pretty crazy ending. But even during the slower moments, there is the iconic Rome (and Venice) scenery to keep your interest. The direction is mostly standard, but it does have one nice touch: a photograph coming to life. My one main complaint is this: how can you have the woman with perhaps the most famous legs in film history as the lead in your film and keep those legs covered up 99% of the time? I don't care if Cyd Charisse was getting a bit on in years in 1965, I know that those legs were still fantastic. Anyway, "Assassination In Rome" qualifies as a mild recommendation for both mystery and spy fans. **1/2 out of 4.