• Warning: Spoilers
    I will probably sound like a hater in this review, but please understand that I have really, REALLY tried to like this show. I also understand that reviews are simply one person's opinion - even though I may have strong feelings, I don't discount the enjoyment others may get out of this show. My wife likes it, and so I have continued to watch it with her. Please consider this my vent about my feeling on this show that I can't say to her! Also, I seem to remember liking the first season a lot more than the current season. OK, my gripes: 1. OVER/BAD ACTING - Seriously, the acting is just horrible. I think the actors are probably good, so perhaps it's direction? Regardless, it just seems over the top and cheesy most of the time. I could start pulling out examples, but really, any segment between commercials will bear this out.

    2. DISJOINTED STORY LINES - The plot is all over the place, with situations coming and going without any cohesion. I saw another reviewer call this out with examples, so I won't reinvent that wheel. However, last night's episode, with the creepy guy with the beard and the ring showing up at the hospital and the funeral. It's like these people are dogs or babies; the moment something/someone leaves their purview it's like it doesn't exist for them anymore.

    3. WTF Christina?? - I am just not getting the whole cheating on her husband thing. The time line is disjointed, so I can't get a bead on how long she and her new husband have actually been married. However, I have lost respect for her character over that. I know, I know, it's fiction, but still, you're actually supposed to like the protagonist in a story. Horrible acting aside, any validity her character had just went down the drain for me.

    4. AN ENTIRE SEASON OF HAWTHORNE NOT BEING AN RN - I thought the HawthoRNe was the entire point of the series, and yet the writers have effectively kept her out of the hospital (as a staff person) for an entire season. And the fact that her boss dismissed her for the most ridiculous of reasons (because she was attacked on their property??) and this doesn't become a major plot line is beyond me. These people could be working in a brokerage firm for the amount of actual patient care they were shown doing this season.

    Okay, I'll stop. Again, this is the pent up frustration of watching this show for nearly the entire second season hoping/praying it will get better, only to be disappointed more each episode. I typically look forward to season finales, but not usually just so the pain will end.