• OK i know I'm a little late to be reviewing a movie that came out in the late 90s, but whatever here it goes.

    I finally saw the film last night, and i was looking forward to it because i had wanted to see it for years. And it had first come out when i was about 7 years old. Now I love Diana Ross'es voice and I've been a fan of Brandy for a very longtime. Bouth this woman can act and sing very well IMO. But i don't know,something just didn't click for me when i was watching this movie. You would think its a good story before viewing it. Yet, in reality its really isn't something you will keep you at the end of your set to see what happens next. I'm a of them, but when i make reviews for ANYTHING i always tell the truth.

    Also felt the movie was a way for bouth Brandy and Diana's albums, i think this is fine...but the movie just made it so obvious. You can go 10 minutes with out hearing a song from eather of their albums.