• Warning: Spoilers
    Being a fan of Seann William Scott, I decided to check this film out to see if many of the positive user reviews were accurate, but after watching this film I disagree on many accounts. I think Scott (Gay Houseman) does a decent job as the lead but the film lacks good humour and a decent script. It's basically about a former tennis star whom gets transfered to become a janitor then ultimately ends up coaching a senior tennis team to victory. It's another one of those underdog sports films, and having seen many of them, this film is pretty much no different. (as in predictable). It first starts with the team being a horrible team- never winning anything then once Houseman comes along, he trains them and in the end, the team wins the ultimate trophy.

    I really didn't find the humour all that funny at all. It was more crude humour with a lot of F-words muttered by Houseman about everything other word, and I think the jokes fell a little flat. Some of the jokes include a little girl cursing a lot (one instance at the very end when a player is down, and she uses it as motivation), continuity jokes with a foreign Filipino student acting strange, an Asian grandpa laughing moronically, a few instances with midgets, and a lot of other gags and jokes involving the dialogue.

    For this film, I also found that there were many subplots involving Gary Houseman. (Him liking the Spanish teacher, involving himself with the Coach's daughter, the foreign student gags, training the star player on the team- though this becomes the main plot to the end). Seann William Scott was in about every scene of this film so he had to carry the load but was let down by bad directing and a bad script. The film was just too predictable and clichéd. It also went a little deep with a religious type line from Gary towards the final 20 mins of the film. He was speaking to Mike (one of his players), and he says "If God didn't exist, you would invent him" (at 1:10:40). From that moment this film shifts a little from crude humour and becomes more sports oriented. He works on training Mike to win the trophy for the school.

    This film is probably best for fans of SWS, fans of tennis, or those that like this crude type of humour. I tried liking the films humour but I just didn't find it funny. I think that Seann William Scott was a little desperate for cash at the time, or was doing this for a favour for the director (same director who made Dude, Where's my Car?). This film is basically a tennis version of "Eastbound and Down", with Danny McBride. Both have a lot of similarities, similar type humour, both lead characters act alike except Houseman seems to be more sincere and care more about his players than himself- was less selfish.

    All in all, this film wasn't that great, it was somewhat entertaining and could have been better. But I can see why this didn't get a theatrical release. Anyway judge for yourself!