• "The Angry Beavers" was one of my favorite shows as a kid, and watching it again from a more adult perspective, it's still the wacky, off-the-wall, hilarious show I knew and loved.

    Norbert (the smooth, cool one) and Dagget (the crazy, hyper one) were kicked out of their home by their own parents after the new litter was born. So Dag and Norb are now bachelor beavers living in the same house going through many crazy situations. From Dag getting the horrible disease "Stinky Toe". To Norb daring Dag to be silent, or else he'll get the painful moogie pinch.

    Everything about this show was great. The characters were all funny and endearing, the stories were hilariously weird, the animation was colorful and nice to look at, the theme tune was very catchy, and easily one of the most memorable theme tunes in Nickelodeon history. "The Angry Beavers" is truly a fun show for kids and adults alike.

    A series finale was produced in 2001, but Nickelodeon refused to air it due to it breaking one of the laws in Nicktoons. Which is: Don't say you're show is ending. Nickelodeon (at the time) liked rerunning the episodes over and over so the kids would think the show's were still in production, even though they obviously weren't.

    "The Angry Beavers" is one of the greatest animated TV shows of 1997, and one of the top 5 greatest Nicktoons of all time. An odd, but hilarious cartoon show. Fans of the beavers should also check out Cartoon Network's currently-running series "Regular Show". As it has very similar main characters, and somewhat similar humor.

    Rating: 9/10 "Excellent"